Intellectual Property: Design Protection

Design protection is a right which protects against the unauthorised copying of an original design. It is an automatic right which covers the shape and configuration of a product internally and externally. Registered design protection covers all or part of a products appearance, this may include: lines, colours, shapes, textures, material or ornamentation.

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Bridle IP has worked with individuals and multi-national clients from a diverse array of industries. We can help with all aspects of obtaining a patent, including: drafting original patent applications, writing invention specification, proving merits to the UK Intellectual Property Office. Our patent agents also have significant expertise in post grant issues, such as European opposition and appeal proceedings.

How Design Protection Works

Unregistered design protection is automatically granted the moment an original design is created. To register for design protection you must send an application to the designs registry which is a department within the intellectual property office.

To register a design your product must:


How Design Protection Works



Not use protected emblems or flags



Not be offensive

After filing the application, you can expect to have a year to develop your idea and identify further possibilities before needing to do anything else. As a general rule patents are usually granted within 4 years of making the application, however this can be sooner.

How long does design protection last?

In the UK unregistered design protection lasts for 10 years after the product was first sold, or 15 years after it was first created, whichever is sooner.

In the UK registered design protection must be renewed every 5 years, this can keep going until 25 years.

In the EU designs may be automatically protected as “unregistered community designs”, this type of protection lasts for 3 years.


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