Intellectual Property: Copyright

Copyright gives owners of creative work control over the way in which their material can be used. It doesn’t have to be registered in any way, unlike patents or trademarks; copyright is an automatic right which begins the moment an individual or company creates a piece of work. You do not have to display the (©) symbol to receive copyright protection.

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Why use Bridle IP?

Bridle IP has worked with individuals and multi-national clients from a diverse array of industries. We can help with all aspects of obtaining a patent, including: drafting original patent applications, writing invention specification, proving merits to the UK Intellectual Property Office. Our patent agents also have significant expertise in post grant issues, such as European opposition and appeal proceedings.

How does copyright work?

To qualify for copyright protection work must be original and tangible in the sense that it is expressed physically. Names, titles, phrases and colours are not generally considered to be unique enough to fit this criterion; a logo which includes each of these elements however may be.

The duration for which a piece of work can be copyright protected depends on a number of factors, including the type of work it is. In the UK copyright lasts for between 25 and 70 years.

It is important to be aware that copyright may not protect all forms of creativity; other forms of Intellectual Property protection may be needed.


Perform global search

– Identify if the idea, product etc. already exists globally.

Protection outside the UK

Like patents and trademarks, every country has their own copyright laws. As a general rule most countries will treat work created in another the same as they would if it was created in their country.

What can be copyrighted?

  • Literary, dramatic, musical and artistic work
  • Software, databases and online content
  • Sound and music recordings
  • Film and television recordings

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Our copyright solicitors provide up-to-date advice on matters including the creation, ownership and enforcement of copyright. We can support in areas including:

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