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Welcome to Bridle Intellectual Property. We specialise in UK and European intellectual property law and provide advice on all aspects of patent, trademark, design and copyright matters.

The firm advises a worldwide client base and provides a professional service across a wide range of technologies. For details of the areas where we have particular experience, please go to “about us”.

We advise clients of all sizes, from individuals to multinational corporations and we aim to provide a valued service to all of our clients.

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Copyright is an automatic right which requires no application to have the right registered. However, it is important to establish who created the work and when it was created. The term of copyright varies, depending on the type of work in question.


Designs protect the look of an article. They can be either registered or unregistered and it is possible to obtain design protection throughout all of the European Union with a single application.


The registration of a trademark prevents competitors from using the same or a confusingly similar mark on their goods. Thus, it is important to register trademarks to prevent your customers from being confused and buying your competitor’s goods or services by mistake.


Patents are intended to protect inventions. They can be obtained for new products, processes and methods of use. They have a limited lifetime, but during that time, they provide the patent owner with exclusive rights to prevent others from working within the scope of the patent.


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